Facebook: Photo Editor and Messenger Update

Facebook is updating every now and then. Well, technology is.  But do you know what the updates are? I bet some of you don’t know yet. Let me share some updates that will surely make you excited.

First is the instant Photo Editor.  Many people are using photo editor especially when they have to upload it on their Social Media Account. Some uses Photoshop to crop photo, to add text, to put stickers or even putting filters. This one’s a good news.  You can now edit your photo using Facebook Web. Yes, you’ve read it right! The editor tool that was based on the iOS is already available in the Web version of Facebook.

Second, Facebook Messenger is already on Web version. Update your friends using the Web version of Messenger, keep them updated even if you’re using your PC or laptop.

At the end of this article, you’ll learn how the new Facebook update works.

Upload a photo in your Facebook Profile ; Hover your mouse over the thumbnail of your picture. –> You will find a new icon named “Edit Photo”, click the brush Icon.

Clicking on the brush icon will take you to the new Web photo editor from Facebook.

Once you have accessed the photo editor, you have the option to add filters, to add text and change text font, stickers and crop your photos. The tools available on the web version are identical to those you already find on the iOS version. So it’s like you’re still using your mobile device when editing.


With this photo editor being applied on Web, Facebook addresses a significant gap in its hosting service.  And I think people will love this as this can be less hassle. You can already edit photos before posting it. Who wouldn’t love this new update?

Facebook Messenger on its Web version;

Facebook messenger is already on its Web Version.  This instant messaging in Facebook is available in all languages and all regions.  Learn how to get it so you can use it.

The application is similar to the one you find on your Facebook mobile. You can add your photos, publications, stickers and make VOIP calls. But with regard to sending audio messages, it’s impossible to do so. And third-party applications accessible mobility is not present on the Web Version.

There is also a notification system that alerts you when you receive a new message. To activate it, go to settings and click “Turn on desktop notification”.

You also have the option to Report a Problem, check the Policies, and view Facebook TOS. Everything is all the same with Facebook Messenger mobile app.

Quite an update! But surely, this one is so cool. Get the Facebook Messenger and edit your photos on the Web, now! You will find the web version of messenger here: https://messenger.com .

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