The Notifications Arrive on the Web Version of Instagram

You know, Instagram is primarily a mobile application. The Web, obviously, is not a priority for this social network photo and video. But, surprise! Instagram has integrated its online version of notifications on the areas of each user. Everyone can now try this update.

You can find the notifications in the top right of the Web application window. On Instagram’s website, you will see a new drop-down box. This box will display information about how many likes did your post get, the name of the people who started following you, the number of comments you got, and the people who tagged you in their posts. Because of this new update, I can say that Instagram is slowly becoming like Facebook.


After logging into, you just need to click on the blue circle that has a white heart in the center to see the notifications. When you click a specific notification, it will lead you to the page where you will see which photo of yours was liked or commented by your friend.  You can also click the profile photo or name of the user who interacted with your photo or video. It is very similar to Facebook, right? However, if you want to take or post pictures, you still need to follow the same old way which is using your mobile device.

Many people are already a fan of Instagram because they are able to enhance the quality of their pictures and share it right away with their followers and I believe that they will love it even more now  because the new feature. Also, this new update will surely enhance the presence of Instagram on the Web. Its website will be more useful than before. The pictures look way beautiful when you see them on a bigger screen –   you can clearly see how bright the colors are and the other elements that made the picture really pretty. I understand that Instagram is primarily a mobile application but I just don’t know why it has taken so long for them to make the desktop website much better. It could have been more easy for people to manage their Instagram account right from the very start.


This new feature is already a good one but there are some features that I would also like to be added on Instagram. It would be lovely if there is a direct messaging feature on Instagram’s website. Also, I would really appreciate it if we can upload our favorite photos and videos on the web. Sadly, the things that I have mentioned are still exclusive to the application on our phone or tablet. But I can feel that those things will be added soon especially now that we can see how Instagram is slowly developing its popularity on the web. If that would really happen, it would surely make the lives  of Instagram users easy especially the lives of the serious photographers and social media managers.