5 Best Practices To Build Your Audience in Instagram

With more than 400 million daily active users and 80 millions photos being shared per day, Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks in the world today. So no matter what your targeted audience is — dogs owners, body builders, photographers ..etc — rest assured you will be able to reach them using Instagram.

The high number of active users per day makes Instagram marketing an important aspect to succeed in your Social Media Marketing,  but are you able to compete with the 80 millions photos shared per day? How are you going to stand out from the crowd and make sure your posts reaches your targeted audience? Well, this is what this article is all about. We will talk about 5 of the most key aspects to build your audience and keep it engaged with your content.

1- Use High Quality and Amazing Images:

Instagram is based on photo sharing, that’s what drags its users to it and that’s why your photos needs to be like candy for the eyes. You can check the top posts for any famous hashtag and you will find that all the popular posts share one common thing, they are eye catching and always pleasant to see.

So take your time when you want to build your content, content is king and that’s a fact. It’s totally worth the time you are going to invest to it.

2- Post Content Your Targeted Audience Wants:

Your posts needs to find a balance between promotional and inspirational. You should have studied your targeted audience to know what kind of content they were expecting when they first followed you, what content you shouldn’t post to avoid them unfollowing you and what content to make them follow you in the first place.

3- Use Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags won’t only help you to target your audience but will help you even to reach more users. They will get you more followers as well. If one of your hashtags goes viral and  got a spot in the top posts it might get you 1000 – 3000 new followers per day. Just make sure to use relevant hashtags to get your posts in front of your targeted audience and not in front of some random people.

4- Engage with your fans:

Getting your audience to follow your Instagram page is only the start, you will need to engage with them in order for them to keep coming back and turn them into paying customers. Engaging with your fans makes you their first choice when they need a product or service from what your business is offering. People wants to feel like they know the people behind the businesses they are dealing with, engaging with your fans will help you to build a relationship with them and therefore make your business stand out from the crowd.

5- Stay aware of trends:

Keeping up to date with Instagram latest trends is very important for every social media marketing strategy as it helps you grow your audience and better reach them. One of the latest trends for example is for businesses to make their feed into a particular theme and stick to it.

Instagram: Square Photo is over, new Era is here!

Since it was launch in 2010, Instagram imposed its users a square picture format. That era is now over. The new version 7.5 of Instagram for Android and iPhone no longer impose this constraint. The version can also let you turn on notifications where you will get notified if your friends are posting photos on their Instagram account. Web version has a new update, too. At the end of this article, you’ll learn how you can change the portrait of your photo; turn on notifications where you can be notified once your friend publishes a new photo.

A new feature on Instagram allows you to get notifications when your friends publish new photos. This feature, which is called Notifications publications manually activates the accounts you wish to take more tightly or keeps you updated every now and then.

Once you have enabled notifications publications on your Instagram account, you will be notified as soon as that person will publish a photo. This feature will interest those who wish to take on behalf of their organization or company for their personal account.


For this part, the average user can use Notifications publications to follow his best friends and react as soon as a publication appears on Instagram, or follow celebrities and be updated. Learn how to do it in a quick and easy step.

How to enable Notifications publications;

On Instagram, visit the profile where you want to enable the Notifications of Publications. –> In the upper right corner of the screen, press the Menu key or the vertical –> in the menu that appears, select Enable notifications of Publications to complete the settings.

Note that you can disable these notifications at any time. One quick advice, do not abuse this feature because you may find yourself inundated with pictures of publications 😉

The new Instagram Web version is more spacious for pictures

Instagram revamps its Web interface. The new interface has more refined and Instagram offers a more prominent place for pictures.

Instagram users no longer have the blue band and the carousel pictures which was displayed in the upper part. Now, this is the profile photo, bio and information on the number of publications, subscribers and subscriptions that occupy this space.

You can now also view your friend’s photo in a wide screen, see photos clearly and just like Instagram on mobile phones, you can also comment what you feel about the photo.

Just like Instagram in Mobile devices, user’s photos appear just below this information. As they are now spread over three columns instead of five, and the photos are larger.

We feel overwhelmed by the pictures and the new design of Instagram on its Web version. You can also search users or pages via (hashtag) username. In the mobile web version the new design was adopted just like the photo above.

Easy steps for the Notifications publications, right? Turn it on now and receive notifications when someone you like or someone who’s close to you publishes photos.

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Mass Planner: Instagram Update

Are you familiar with Facebook’s Contact Members Module? Which allows you to extract members from a group and add them as a friend or lets you send messages even if you are not connected, yet? If so, then I have good news for you. Contact Members Module is already in Instagram.

September 02, 2015, Mass Planner released updates. One of the update is adding the Instagram Direct Messaging. With this update, you can now use Direct Messaging in Mass Planner with less hassle. This update makes Mass Planner users feels so excited.

Say thank you to your followers or let your friends be updated where you are. Learn how it works by reading the article completely.

To begin with, go to your Tools tab.

  • Click and Select Contact tab.
  • Sub-tab Extract Members: This allows you to extract members or your followers in your account.
  • Once members or your followers have been extracted, go to Use Members
  • Extracted number of members will be shown on the same tab.

Note: Extracted Members will be sent directly to Use Members tab.


Extracted Members will be shown under Members List in sub-tab Use Members. From there, you can select the users you want to send message with and just to avoid, since you have virus for now. Anyhow, scroll down a bit and you’ll see there the settings to Send Message in Instagram using Mass Planner.

Send Messages: This one allows you send message to all those selected members.

  • Enter the text you want to send. Note that Multi-level spin syntax is allowed here.
  • You can also use the following tokens: Full Name, First Name, Last Name and Group Name, to be included in your message. But those tokens will be replaced by member’s information.
  • After which, click the word Photos or the camera icon to attach a photo.
  • When done, just click Send and it will be automatically sent in the Post Lists tab.

Note:   You have the option to remove the selected members from your list after the Send Button appears.

  • You can also ignore members who already receive the message you sent.

Send Messages Settings: In this tab you will see the following;

  • Wait between certain number of minutes before each new operation – which means after each message that has been successfully sent, you will wait for a certain period of time till the next message will be sent.
  • Process a maximum of number of members per day
  • When you’re done with the settings, click Start Sending Messages to perform operations.

Note: You can also see there the Pending Send Message and the Results. Once it will be sent successfully, it will appear in Results row. You’ll see there the sent date and time of the message, the Name who you sent the message with, the message itself, and some actions on the other side of the row.

So, that’s pretty much it. With the help of Mass Planner, you can now send Direct Message in your Instagram. Even if this helps you lessen your work in sending message manually, you need to utilize this tool since this is automated. You can use Mass Planner default settings, especially the time interval of each new operation.

Facebook: Photo Editor and Messenger Update

Facebook is updating every now and then. Well, technology is.  But do you know what the updates are? I bet some of you don’t know yet. Let me share some updates that will surely make you excited.

First is the instant Photo Editor.  Many people are using photo editor especially when they have to upload it on their Social Media Account. Some uses Photoshop to crop photo, to add text, to put stickers or even putting filters. This one’s a good news.  You can now edit your photo using Facebook Web. Yes, you’ve read it right! The editor tool that was based on the iOS is already available in the Web version of Facebook.

Second, Facebook Messenger is already on Web version. Update your friends using the Web version of Messenger, keep them updated even if you’re using your PC or laptop.

At the end of this article, you’ll learn how the new Facebook update works.

Upload a photo in your Facebook Profile ; Hover your mouse over the thumbnail of your picture. –> You will find a new icon named “Edit Photo”, click the brush Icon.

Clicking on the brush icon will take you to the new Web photo editor from Facebook.

Once you have accessed the photo editor, you have the option to add filters, to add text and change text font, stickers and crop your photos. The tools available on the web version are identical to those you already find on the iOS version. So it’s like you’re still using your mobile device when editing.


With this photo editor being applied on Web, Facebook addresses a significant gap in its hosting service.  And I think people will love this as this can be less hassle. You can already edit photos before posting it. Who wouldn’t love this new update?

Facebook Messenger on its Web version;

Facebook messenger is already on its Web Version.  This instant messaging in Facebook is available in all languages and all regions.  Learn how to get it so you can use it.

The application is similar to the one you find on your Facebook mobile. You can add your photos, publications, stickers and make VOIP calls. But with regard to sending audio messages, it’s impossible to do so. And third-party applications accessible mobility is not present on the Web Version.

There is also a notification system that alerts you when you receive a new message. To activate it, go to settings and click “Turn on desktop notification”.

You also have the option to Report a Problem, check the Policies, and view Facebook TOS. Everything is all the same with Facebook Messenger mobile app.

Quite an update! But surely, this one is so cool. Get the Facebook Messenger and edit your photos on the Web, now! You will find the web version of messenger here: https://messenger.com .

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How to disable Twitter notifications

The web version of Twitter allows you to be notified when you receive a private message (Direct Message). Web notifications appear in the top right corner of the screen. Did you know that you can disable these notifications? Yes, you’ve read it right! You can disable these notifications temporarily/permanently.

Several sites have long used this web notification system. Although the disabling this type of notification is simple, it can be nebulous for some users. But this time, it will not be complicated as what you think.

The only problem is that Web notifications are not managed from the settings on your Twitter profile, but the parameters of the browser you are using.

Here is a quick tutorial that will show you how to allow the notifications of private messages, temporarily suspend these notifications and how to cancel the notifications. Note that this tutorial concerns with two different browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

How to subscribe to notifications of private messages Web:

 On Chrome or Firefox, please visit the web version of Twitter. We’ll perform the first step on your twitter profile.

Press the Messages icon –> in the pop up window of private messages; click the button showing the word Yes. –> This button is in the upper part of the private message window. That is located in the right side of the message “Would you like to receive notifications on your desktop computer to your messages?”.

  • On Chrome, you must confirm your choice by clicking the Allow

  • On Firefox, press the button that says View for this session and instead select Always show notifications.

That is the choice you must select, so your Web browser will notify you when you receive a private message.

How to temporarily suspend Web notifications: It is not possible that you desire not remove Web notifications, but rather suspend them temporarily.

Now on Chrome and Firefox, press the padlock icon that appears on the left of the URL bar à after which, a window will appear.

  • On Chrome, click on the Notifications link and in the list; select Always block this site.
  • On Firefox, select the Allow button and choose Block.

To turn on notifications, press again the padlock icon and select Allow.

How to permanently delete the Web notifications of private messages:


 Go to your Twitter profile and press the padlock icon that appears on the left side of the URL bar.

  • On Chrome, click on the Notifications link and in the list, select Use the global default setting.
  • On Firefox, select the button that says Allow or Block and instead choose Always ask.

In this part, notifications will be disabled permanently. However, the next time you turn on the notifications for your Messages which is in the web version of Twitter, the message prompting you to enable notifications will be present.

Remember that, you can use this technique to all websites that send you notifications via Web browser. Just make sure you know the drill. Now, you already know how to disable your Web notifications (may it be temporary or permanent).

How to add Facebook Page Call To Action button

Do you ever wonder how Call to Action button appears on some pages? Wonder how page owners put the Call to Action button in some of the Facebook Pages that you’re following? Here are some simple steps on how to create it. At the end of this article, you’ll have your Call to Action button work.

First, click Create Call to Action button so you will be routed to a pop up page where you can choose a kind of button, input a website and set up a link to an App.

Create Call to Action


Now that you are in a pop up window, choose a Button to be appeared on your page. There are a lot of options there. You can choose different call action button such as; Book now, Contact us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch Video. It depends on what Category of your page. In my page, I chose Contact Us.

Next, enter a link where you want to take the people to be directed whenever they click the Call to Action button.


After which, you have the option to set up a link to an app where you can choose to send the people who clicks the button. For iOS and Android, you have the option to choose either Website or App. Check different settings below.

For iOS; you have to enter the App Link to send people to a specific place inside your app, such as product page. And the Website or App Store link must be filled to send people who don’t have your app will be sent there.



For Android; the App links must be filled just like iOS, so people will be sent to a specific place inside your app, such as product page.

Package Name must be entered too. And also, Website or Play Store Link must be filled too, because people who don’t have your app will be sent there.

for android


After setting everything up, click Create and refresh your Page.  Call to Action button will appear.



You have many options to make after you’ve created the call to Action Button.  You can try the link that has been set up; just click the Go to Link. You can promote the page, View Insights, Edit call to action or even delete it so you can make a new one.

Edit Call to Action


Once everything is all set, this is how your page will look like.

Call to Action done


This is the easiest and simplest way to add a Call to Action button. By this, you can promote your Facebook page, website and especially the products that you have. Let them use your product and provide them the simplest way to have it installed, or played. Not only this is the simplest way to promote, but this at the same time the quickest way to direct your customers who are facebook users and viewers to purchase and keep them the updates of your products since Facebook nowadays is a very effective and convenient way to channel your business to your potential customers. Keep them updated with your product by contacting you using the Call to Action button.