Twitter: Private Messaging Update

Not everyone uses twitter. But if they do or you’re one of the user then you must not miss their updates. Because surely, twitter updates can excite you.This article will let you know some of the specific updates for twitter.

Twitter released new updates this year and one, was the removing of the 140- character limit in the Private message. You can now send private messages publicly without character limit. May it be about news, sports, social media, marketing and etc. Every tweets can be open for a new conversation. A great topic perhaps with your friends or colleagues.

Speak your mind. All of it. Send everybody a message without worrying you reach the character limit. Though tweets  will still remain in 140 character limit. If you want to include photo in your message, just click Add Photo. It can only be viewed by the the recipients.Not bad at all, right?


Second, update also includes the settings where you can choose to allow anyone send/receive and reply with the messages even if they don’t follow you or vice versa. It also applies in your mobile app. This is way too easy than before. Check the following steps below;

Receive Direct Messages with anyone via Web: Go to Settings –> Security & Privacy under privacy –> check Receive Direct Messages from anyone then click Save.

Receive Direct Messages with anyone via iOS;

Receive Direct Messages with anyone via Android;

Third; Message your Group

With the latest update, you can now send group message  and give your friends  an update of what you are into on the day. Good thing is; you can send group message up to 50 users even if you’re not following each other. Just know that if you block one user, you cannot be in one conversation.  But members can add new users in a conversation without them reading back all the conversation.


Fourth; Share tweets via Direct Message

Did you know that tweets can be open as a conversation? It’s usually use as  a great topic with your friends. Don’t just tweet it because, you can now share it via Direct Message.

Share it via Web:

-Click ••• within the tweet –> A menu will pop up –> Select Share via Direct Message –> Enter a name and a comment then hit Send!

Share it via iOS or Android Mobile:

-Tap More Icon or Share Icon in your Mobile. –> Select Share via Direct Message –> Enter the name and add a comment then hit Send!

Share it via Email:

-Click More Icon –> A menu will appear –> Select copy link to tweet — > Copy URL then paste it the email that you compose.

See what the updates are? Isn’t it amazing? Well, I know it is. It was updated in a way that it’s much easier and more user friendly for the people who are much too avid in using Twitter. Change your settings now and enjoy sending messages with no limits.Share the latest update of twitter to inform others. Got any suggestions? Leave a comment. Wanna get the latest update for Mass Planner and Social Media? Subscribe now!



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