Periscope: How the Trend List Works

Periscope has published a new change on his new blog is called “Periscope Code”. The new change is about the elements that allow a broadcaster to end up on the list Trending / Trend. That is correct. Periscope has changed the algorithm that matches people who are added to this list.


BMLJfAO - Imgur

There are several reasons for this change. One of the reasons is because it was often the same people who were in the suggestion list. Also, it was mostly diffusers which attracted many people in their Lives and Periscope did not associate these suggestions to the language preferences of users.


All these reasons are now found in the new version, or at least the improved algorithm of Periscope. If you use Periscope seriously, here are the things that you must consider to eventually appear in the list of suggestions or “Trends”.

  1. It is important that your broadcast is just recently done. Overall, Periscope seeks to enhance the experience of the people that play on a regular basis. However, there are no details on what is considered a recent broadcast. For cons, I imagine there must be a broadcast at least every 24 hours.
  2. Commitment is also one of the factors that could make a person be added to the trend list. So during your broadcasts, you should ask questions, start a conversation and ask that they share your Lives.
  3.  The retention of the audience is also one of the important things. Thus, a distribution that managed to interest some thirty people present to watch for a period of 30 minutes will pass while another distribution that has 10,000 spectators but watched for only a few seconds will not pass.
  4. Periscope seems to seek to transform the trend list in a discovery tool. Even if you have a limited number of people (200 -400) who follow you (followers), you can be part of this list. This is why I consider the new change a great one.
  5. The language a Periscope user selects as his/her preference on the application is a decisive factor to be considered as one people to be proposed in the trend list. I really find this interesting. It is because this means that there is only a slight chance for me to be overwhelmed with distributions that use other languages. This will help me save time and effort which is very nice.

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This approach of Periscope gives more space to broadcasters who are not really known but produce content that are interesting enough to entertain and educate the audience. This makes me like Periscope a lot more.


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This live broadcast network appears to be seeking to create a good environment for broadcasters. The number will always be an important part of this network. However, relevance, consistency and regionalization seem to be even more decisive factors. Good job, Periscope. This would really give broadcasters who are striving to be better the help that they mostly need.