Instagram: Square Photo is over, new Era is here!

Since it was launch in 2010, Instagram imposed its users a square picture format. That era is now over. The new version 7.5 of Instagram for Android and iPhone no longer impose this constraint. The version can also let you turn on notifications where you will get notified if your friends are posting photos on their Instagram account. Web version has a new update, too. At the end of this article, you’ll learn how you can change the portrait of your photo; turn on notifications where you can be notified once your friend publishes a new photo.

A new feature on Instagram allows you to get notifications when your friends publish new photos. This feature, which is called Notifications publications manually activates the accounts you wish to take more tightly or keeps you updated every now and then.

Once you have enabled notifications publications on your Instagram account, you will be notified as soon as that person will publish a photo. This feature will interest those who wish to take on behalf of their organization or company for their personal account.


For this part, the average user can use Notifications publications to follow his best friends and react as soon as a publication appears on Instagram, or follow celebrities and be updated. Learn how to do it in a quick and easy step.

How to enable Notifications publications;

On Instagram, visit the profile where you want to enable the Notifications of Publications. –> In the upper right corner of the screen, press the Menu key or the vertical –> in the menu that appears, select Enable notifications of Publications to complete the settings.

Note that you can disable these notifications at any time. One quick advice, do not abuse this feature because you may find yourself inundated with pictures of publications 😉

The new Instagram Web version is more spacious for pictures

Instagram revamps its Web interface. The new interface has more refined and Instagram offers a more prominent place for pictures.

Instagram users no longer have the blue band and the carousel pictures which was displayed in the upper part. Now, this is the profile photo, bio and information on the number of publications, subscribers and subscriptions that occupy this space.

You can now also view your friend’s photo in a wide screen, see photos clearly and just like Instagram on mobile phones, you can also comment what you feel about the photo.

Just like Instagram in Mobile devices, user’s photos appear just below this information. As they are now spread over three columns instead of five, and the photos are larger.

We feel overwhelmed by the pictures and the new design of Instagram on its Web version. You can also search users or pages via (hashtag) username. In the mobile web version the new design was adopted just like the photo above.

Easy steps for the Notifications publications, right? Turn it on now and receive notifications when someone you like or someone who’s close to you publishes photos.

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