Mass Planner: Instagram Update

Are you familiar with Facebook’s Contact Members Module? Which allows you to extract members from a group and add them as a friend or lets you send messages even if you are not connected, yet? If so, then I have good news for you. Contact Members Module is already in Instagram.

September 02, 2015, Mass Planner released updates. One of the update is adding the Instagram Direct Messaging. With this update, you can now use Direct Messaging in Mass Planner with less hassle. This update makes Mass Planner users feels so excited.

Say thank you to your followers or let your friends be updated where you are. Learn how it works by reading the article completely.

To begin with, go to your Tools tab.

  • Click and Select Contact tab.
  • Sub-tab Extract Members: This allows you to extract members or your followers in your account.
  • Once members or your followers have been extracted, go to Use Members
  • Extracted number of members will be shown on the same tab.

Note: Extracted Members will be sent directly to Use Members tab.


Extracted Members will be shown under Members List in sub-tab Use Members. From there, you can select the users you want to send message with and just to avoid, since you have virus for now. Anyhow, scroll down a bit and you’ll see there the settings to Send Message in Instagram using Mass Planner.

Send Messages: This one allows you send message to all those selected members.

  • Enter the text you want to send. Note that Multi-level spin syntax is allowed here.
  • You can also use the following tokens: Full Name, First Name, Last Name and Group Name, to be included in your message. But those tokens will be replaced by member’s information.
  • After which, click the word Photos or the camera icon to attach a photo.
  • When done, just click Send and it will be automatically sent in the Post Lists tab.

Note:   You have the option to remove the selected members from your list after the Send Button appears.

  • You can also ignore members who already receive the message you sent.

Send Messages Settings: In this tab you will see the following;

  • Wait between certain number of minutes before each new operation – which means after each message that has been successfully sent, you will wait for a certain period of time till the next message will be sent.
  • Process a maximum of number of members per day
  • When you’re done with the settings, click Start Sending Messages to perform operations.

Note: You can also see there the Pending Send Message and the Results. Once it will be sent successfully, it will appear in Results row. You’ll see there the sent date and time of the message, the Name who you sent the message with, the message itself, and some actions on the other side of the row.

So, that’s pretty much it. With the help of Mass Planner, you can now send Direct Message in your Instagram. Even if this helps you lessen your work in sending message manually, you need to utilize this tool since this is automated. You can use Mass Planner default settings, especially the time interval of each new operation.

Mass Planner: Contact Members Module

Before Facebook, people used friendster to communicate with their loved ones or to communicate with their business partners. Everyone experienced adding users to their friend lists manually. But as years pass, technology rapidly developed. From friendster to Facebook. From messaging to instant chat.  Notice how social networking sites develop? Every month or every quarter they are releasing updates – updates that means they are always progressing. It helps a lot of people or businesses grow.

One of the secret in growing businesses is through Social Media. This is a means to keep you up to date with less hassle. Word of mouth is good in business but admit it, Social Media helps you a lot. You add/invite friends to like your business. Just some clicks then you already got some people who can see your products. But aren’t you tired adding or inviting friends in your page or profile manually? Well, I’m going tell you something.

Mass Planner can be a great help. It allows you to add and invite people in a group. At the end of this article, you’ll love how Mass Planner works. Let me share how this works for you.

In Contact Module tab, you’ll see there the four sub-tabs; Extract Members, Use Members, Friend Requests and Send Messages. We’ll discuss everything as we go along.

Extract Members – this tab allows you to extract all the members you are in a group. Just enter the Facebook Group URL in the box and click Extract Members. You can also set the setting as to when you want the page to scroll –

In the lower part, you’ll see there the results of the members that have been extracted. The Date, Link, Status and the number of members that has been extracted by the tool.

Note: extracted members will be sent to your Use Members tab.


Use Members – In this tab you’ll see the followings;


Send Messages: Multi-level spin syntax is allowed in the Message Box and just like the others, it has options. Whether you want the selected members to be removed from the list after clicking SEND or ignore members who is already your friend or ignore members who already received a message from you.


Note: The text can contain the following tokens: [FULLNAME][FIRSTNAME][LASTNAME][GROUPNAME]. They are replaced with member’s information. Sending Friend Requests and Sending Messages options are sent in their respective tabs.

PS:  Module is a one-time payment and it will be in your account as long as you are subscribed with Mass Planner.

And that’s how Contact Module works. Got any questions? Leave a comment. Want to get updated? Subscribe now! J

How to Post to Instagram Using Mass Planner

With the fast and growing technology, social networking sites has become a trend and part of everyone’s lives, thus creating a great amount of traffic to our business online. Take for example Instagram – an application where you can post or link just about anything (personal, sports, quotes, advertisement, etc).

Due to a great number of users, a great amount of online traffic is generated which may cause delays or what not. With this in mind, we have a tool that can be most beneficial for individuals who uses social networking sites a lot (may it be for personal use or business use).

Take this scenario for example; while you’re away at the beach and have thought of posting something but doesn’t have the means to post it due to lost of internet connection. With the Mass Planner application, this won’t be a problem at all. Mass planner is a tool or application where you can set a schedule to post on your behalf. This will also help you gain followers for personal and business purposes. I will give you a background and a short tour on how to posts in Instagram using Mass Planner.

How to schedule post in Instagram:

1. From the SOCIAL PROFILES TAB – click ADD PROFILE ,  select INSTAGRAM and click ADD PROFILE.

Mass Planner

2. After that, you will be routed to the SETTINGS page. You can change the Account Name; (e.g.: My Instagram, My IG, IG and so on).

3. Under the Account Name, click the dropdown menu so you can change the tag (you can set it to Instagram or you can chose a different platform).

4. Fill in the Username/Email and Password for your Instagram account and then click VERIFY ACCOUNT. The status must be VALID.

Mass Planner

5. Once your account has been linked and verified, you can check it under SOCIAL PROFILES and then go to your TOOLS Tab – your Instagram account/s will be shown.

6. Click your Account Name / More Tools to manage your settings (to whom you want to follow or what not).

In this scenario, since I got two Instagram accounts, I have the option to choose and switch accounts. You can do this on your end as well and once you already know the steps, you can already edit the settings of your account

Mass Planner

7. After clicking, you will be routed to the tool settings of your Instagram profile. Inside the settings, you’ll notice the “Follow, Unfollow, Follow back, Like and comment” tab. Under “Follow” Tab, you will see the Sub-Tab for “Settings, Follow Sources and Results.”

For the sub-tab SETTINGS;

  • You can see the status of your posts.
  • The time interval between each operation.
  • The maximum of people you follow per day.
  • The number of seconds you want for the search page to be refresh, and
  • The days of the week you want the post to be publish.
  • And it will let you START the AUTO FOLLOW once you’re done.

Mass Planner

For the FOLLOW SOURCES that means;

  • It lets you follow the people you search using some keyword
  • You can paste the URL of your friends Instagram and
  • You can also follow your friend’s followers.

The RESULTS sub-tab is basically the result of what you’re searching for.

8. Under FOLLOW BACK Tab – You will also see the time interval for each new operation. If you want to follow back all accounts that have been followed by Mass Planner, you can click the START FOLLOW BACK button.

Mass Planner

9. The UNFOLLOW Tab is the opposite of your FOLLOW Tab with the option to unfollow users (the ones that you followed using the tool). You can also see the number of users that have been unfollowed by the tool.

Mass Planner

10. The LIKE tab will automatically like posts (based on your preset keywords ie. Food, Travel). This gives the impression that you are always active on your account.

Mass Planner

11. And under COMMENT tab -> sub-tab SETTINGS; noticethat this looks the same as with the other tabs. The thing that has been added is the box for the COMMENT TEXT. This is where you can put your comments using syntax. And if you want to check the spin syntax just click the CHECK SPIN SYNTAX button. After which, click START AUTO COMMENT.

Mass Planner

Now that you already know how to use the tool, we can go through the steps on how to schedule your Instagram post by using Mass Planner. First thing to do is create a Destination and then create a campaign list for your post. You can follow through the steps below:

Creating a Destination List

Go to DESTINATION LISTS Tab -> ADD A DESTINATION LIST – this is where you will post your campaign.

Mass Planner

2. You now have a NEW destination. You can change the nam of your destination, in my case I named it “MY IG test”. Select your Instagram account where you want your picture to be posted and tick the box in line with your account under WALL/PROFILE Column, to make sure your picture/s will be successfully posted. Go back to DESTINATION LIST to check if the destination list has been successfully added.

Mass Planner

Adding a Campaign

3. To add a CAMPAIGN, go to CAMPAIGN TAB and click ADD CAMPAIGN – this is where we input your post. We have 3 kinds of campaign.

  • Standard Campaign – Published on a limited number of destinations. This is used when you want to post up to 10 destination (like groups or pages). This can also publised post one after another.
  • Volume Campaign – Published on a large number of destination. This is used  when you are promoting something and needs to be posted in more than a hundred of groups.
  • Scheduled Campaign – Choose specific hours and days for every post. Used when you want to schedule an advance post like Christmas and any holidays.

Let’s use the Standard Campaign in creating a campaign list. Click the STANDARD CAMPAIGN button.

Mass Planner

4. Once you’re done with the campaign, you will be routed to a page where you can see the Overview Tab. The OVERVIEW tab contains the status of the post (if it has pending or has been successfully posted). Under settings you have the option to change the campaign name. You also have the option to put a signature in all your posts.

Mass Planner

5. In WHAT TO PUBLISH tab -> sub-tab ADD POSTS – this is where you will add your post. Let me share how posting with Mass Planner works to Instagram.

  • First, enter the text or the caption for your photo.
  • Next, click on the Camera Icon or PHOTOS. There should be a pop-up that says “UPLOAD FROM COMPUTER (direct from your PC) or ADD IMAGES FROM URL (can be URL from other page)”. You can choose either of the two.
  • Click on ADD PHOTOS when you already select a photo to post.
  • Then click on ADD TO POST LIST
  • You will see the added post under POST LIST tab

Mass Planner

6. WHERE TO PUBLISH TAB is basically the destination list of your post. The one that we made earlier.

Mass Planner

7. In WHEN TO PUBLISH tab settings, this is where you can choose as to when will the post gets published. You can choose how many posts you want per day, the time that you want the photo to be posted, the time interval of the post and also the days you want it to be published.

Mass Planner

8. DRAFT Tab – when you don’t want to publish your post yet or where unfinished posts are listed.

Mass Planner

9. In POSTS LIST tab – you will see the post that you made and the time interval that you made for each post.

Mass Planner

10. And the HISTORY Tab is where you will see the posts that you’ve made days, weeks or months ago.

Mass Planner

See how easy and convenient it is to use the Mass Planner? With just a few clicks and setting changes, you are able to maximize your networking site even if you are not able to access your account real time. This wraps up the Mass Planner tour/tutorial. 🙂