Mass Planner: Instagram Direct Messaging Update

Are you familiar with Facebook’s Contact Members Module? Which allows you to extract members from a group and add them as a friend or lets you send messages even if you are not connected, yet? If so, then I have good news for you. Contact Members Module is already in Instagram.

September 02, 2015, Mass Planner released updates. One of the update is adding the Instagram Direct Messaging. With this update, you can now use Direct Messaging in Mass Planner with less hassle. This update makes Mass Planner users feel so excited.

Say thank you to your followers or let your friends be updated wherever you are. Learn how it works by reading the article completely.

To begin with, go to your Tools tab.

  • Click and Select Contact tab.
  • Sub-tab Extract Members: This allows you to extract members or your followers in your account.
  • Once members or your followers have been extracted, go to Use Members
  • Extracted number of members will be shown on the same tab.

Note: Extracted Members will be sent directly to Use Members tab.

Extracted Members will be shown under Members List in sub-tab Use Members. From there, you can select the users you want to send message with and just to avoid, since you have virus for now. Anyhow, scroll down a bit and you’ll see there the settings to Send Message in Instagram using Mass Planner.

Send Messages: This one allows you to send messages to all those selected members.

  • Enter the text you want to send. Note that Multi-level spin syntax is allowed here.
  • You can also use the following tokens: Full Name, First Name, Last Name and Group Name, to be included in your message. But those tokens will be replaced by member’s information.
  • After which, click the word Photos or the camera icon to attach a photo.
  • When done, just click Send and it will be automatically sent in the Post Lists tab.

Note:   You have the option to remove the selected members from your list after the Send Button appears.

  • You can also ignore members who already received the message you sent.

Send Messages Settings: In this tab you will see the following;

  • Wait between certain number of minutes before each new operation – which means after each message that has been successfully sent, you will wait for a certain period of time till the next message will be sent.
  • Process a maximum of number of members per day
  • When you’re done with the settings, click Start Sending Messages to perform operations.

Note: You can also see there the Pending Send Message and the Results. Once it will be sent successfully, it will appear in Results row. You’ll see there the sent date and time of the message, the Name whom you sent the message with, the message itself, and some actions on the other side of the row.

So, that’s pretty much it. With the help of Mass Planner, you can now send Direct Message in your Instagram. Even if this helps you lessen your work in sending message manually, you need to utilize this tool since this is automated. You can use Mass Planner default settings, especially the time interval of each new operation.