Pinterest in Mass Planner

Good thing Pinterest is in Mass Planner. This will help a lot of Business in Pinterest grow especially gaining more followers and can advertise their business through Mass Planner. Here’s a guide on how to set up and grow your network in Pinterest .

Click Add Profile and choose Pinterest


Enter your desired Account Name;Choose the kind of tag to be sorted à Enter the username and password for your account.; Wait till the status shows VALID. You also have the option to log in manually, depending on your preference.

NOTE: You have the option to show and set your proxy settings (if available).

valid state


If your account is already valid, you can now use your tool. This is the tab where you can get more followers, set it to follow people so you get a follow back, you can also set the follow back if you want to follow those users who follows you, and use Unfollow tool if you feel that your followings is bigger than your followers, use comment and like as if it’s you that’s using the account and Re-pin like as if you’re not scheduling it. Click More Tools so we can set things up.


Follow tool Settings This is where you set;

– The time interval between each new operation

– set the numbers of people/boards to follow per operation

– set the maximum numbers to follow per day. You can leave it “0” if you don’t want to have limits

– Set it to scroll the search page for how many seconds (depends on what you want)

– set it to follow between certain time and days. Just change the time or click the days you don’t want the tool to run.

NOTE: days will be grayed out once you click the day that you don’t want the tool to work.

follow tool


Follow Sources sub-tab; this tab will help you choose who to follow or which board you want the tool to follow.

Follow people by keyword search – by this, you can enter specific keywords to follow users.

Follow Boards by keyword search– this means you can enter a board name

Follow friends of target accounts– This means you can follow the followers of                                                            a specific  Account.

Follow friends of target Boards – You can follow people who’s following a                                                                    certain Board

Sub-tab Results: You’ll see here the results of the people who you followed.

follow results


Follow Back tab; you can use this one if you want to follow back those who followed you.

follow back

Unfollow tab; this is basically the same as the follow tool settings. But there are two things that has been added, you have the option to leave the upper box unchecked you only want to unfollow those who did not follow back.

The lower box can let you skip to unfollow specific users.



Like Tab; Set your account to like post/ photos/ boards.



Comment tab; allows you to comment with keywords. Enter the keywords you want Mass Planner to comment. Input a comment you want to appear in the post (this allows multi-level spin syntax). You can also click Check Spin Syntax if you want to check the comment text.

Results Tab; basically, all the results or all the successful comments will appear in the results tab.



Re-Pin tab – You can choose the boards you want to have the Re-Pin activated. Just click on Details to set things up.


Sub-tab Re-Pin settings:  In this tab, you can set how many times and what time you want it to Re-Pin in your boards. You also have many options that you might want to apply.

repins 1


Sources tab-

  • Re-Pin by keyword – You can use words separated by commas for this one.
  • Re-Pin from Boards – You can add Board URL’s here to Re-Pin their posts.
  • Re-Pin from a provided list of Pins – You can use and add here the Pinterest pin URL’s
  • Re-Pin from Categories – You can use different some Categories for your Re-Pins.

repins 2

In Creating a Destination List; click Destination Tab; Click Add Destination à Choose the destination for your campaign; Click the blue Selected word under Pages/Board column then select the boards/pages where you want to appear your posts.

Overview Tab – This is where you enter the campaign name, tags and some of the settings needed (if applicable)



Overview Tab – This is where you enter the campaign name, tags and some of the settings needed (if applicable)



What to Publish Tab;

  • Add Posts– You can upload photos straight from your PC one by one or by bulk. When you upload one photo just click the camera icon or the word Photos and enter text in the big box. If you want to upload by bulk just click Add Multiple Image Posts and enter just enter the text in the box that will pop-up when you’re done uploading photos.
  • Note that if you want to copy the text to every image, just click Copy text to others or Copy source URL to others if you want the URL to appear in all of the photos.


what to publish add post


  • Add Posts from Flickr/Pinterest– You can now extract photos from Flickr and Pinterest and have it posted in your own Pinterest account.

NOTE: You need to set the API key in the settings first because this feature needs API key.

from flickr or pinterest


  • Clickable Image Post– If you want people to be directed to your site when they click the picture that you posted, then this one suits for you. This will take a little set up, but we’ll discuss it later in our next tutorial.

clickable image

Where To Publish tab – This is where you select the destination of your campaigns.

where tab


When to Publish tab- this tab allows you to set the days, time and number of post to be publish per day.



Drafts tab – You can store here the post that is not yet done so you can still edit it.


Posts List tab- This is where you see the posts that is on queue.

post lists

History Tab- lets you see the post that has been successfully posted. You also have the option to delete posts that are old (you can set the days old).


Quite long, but it’s not that complicated. Schedule your post now, gain more followers and grow your business in less than a month. And trust me; you’ll love Mass Planner as much as I love it!

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