Mass Planner: Contact Members Module

Before Facebook, people used friendster to communicate with their loved ones or to communicate with their business partners. Everyone experienced adding users to their friend lists manually. But as years pass, technology rapidly developed. From friendster to Facebook. From messaging to instant chat.  Notice how social networking sites develop? Every month or every quarter they are releasing updates – updates that means they are always progressing. It helps a lot of people or businesses grow.

One of the secret in growing businesses is through Social Media. This is a means to keep you up to date with less hassle. Word of mouth is good in business but admit it, Social Media helps you a lot. You add/invite friends to like your business. Just some clicks then you already got some people who can see your products. But aren’t you tired adding or inviting friends in your page or profile manually? Well, I’m going tell you something.

Mass Planner can be a great help. It allows you to add and invite people in a group. At the end of this article, you’ll love how Mass Planner works. Let me share how this works for you.

In Contact Module tab, you’ll see there the four sub-tabs; Extract Members, Use Members, Friend Requests and Send Messages. We’ll discuss everything as we go along.

Extract Members – this tab allows you to extract all the members you are in a group. Just enter the Facebook Group URL in the box and click Extract Members. You can also set the setting as to when you want the page to scroll –

In the lower part, you’ll see there the results of the members that have been extracted. The Date, Link, Status and the number of members that has been extracted by the tool.

Note: extracted members will be sent to your Use Members tab.


Use Members – In this tab you’ll see the followings;


Send Messages: Multi-level spin syntax is allowed in the Message Box and just like the others, it has options. Whether you want the selected members to be removed from the list after clicking SEND or ignore members who is already your friend or ignore members who already received a message from you.


Note: The text can contain the following tokens: [FULLNAME][FIRSTNAME][LASTNAME][GROUPNAME]. They are replaced with member’s information. Sending Friend Requests and Sending Messages options are sent in their respective tabs.

PS:  Module is a one-time payment and it will be in your account as long as you are subscribed with Mass Planner.

And that’s how Contact Module works. Got any questions? Leave a comment. Want to get updated? Subscribe now! J

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