JARVEE Review – one of the best social media scheduling tool I’ve used

I don’t really write reviews for products as I don’t really have that much time to spend on stuff like that but I am making an exception today as I’ve stumbled onto a social media scheduling tool that left me speechless.

I had different tasks automated using several apps that did that, but I was looking for something that would work on all social media platforms as it takes time to switch between apps and re-create the same details on all of them. That’s how I stumbled onto Jarvee. I watched the presentation video and it looked interesting so I wanted to see if it can also deliver.

10 minutes later it was already downloaded and installed and I was adding my Facebook account to it.  After adding it, I have to admit I had to pause a little and go watch the video tutorials as the amount of features and settings was too much for me.

Fast forward 40 minutes later I had a better understanding of how things worked and I was really excited to give it a try. I scheduled a couple of posts, backed up a list of my friends and automatically found and joined a few groups. It did all of that perfectly and I was really starting to enjoy using it.

But it had to pass another serious test, scheduling on all social platforms it supports at the same time, that’s what I was looking for after all. So, I’ve added all my accounts, created a “destination list” – that’s what collections of places where to post are called within the software and also a campaign to post to them. Added a post and 5 minutes later when the timer reached 0 it started to post on all of them.

It was simply amazing, after doing the initial setup, it literally took me 2 minutes to add another post, click on “post now” and it was automatically posted on all my 5 social media accounts. Talk about saving time 🙂

Won’t bore you with everything I did after that as I don’t intend this to be a long review, just know that I’m still discovering interesting and helpful features one month after using it.

jarvee interface review

As for the features it has, let me give you a few of the features it has for Facebook so you can make a general idea.

  • schedule unlimited posts on pages, walls and groups
  • find, joing or unjoin groups in your niche
  • find pages for your niche
  • auto share posts to your groups
  • schedule posts through rss feeds, by monitoring a folder, by manually adding them and a few other options
  • auto invite friends to groups
  • say “happy birthday” to all your friends automatically
  • turn off notifications for your groups
  • automate different actions of your account like accepting friend requests or poking them
  • monitor your groups and auto accept people to them
  • send friend requests to other people
  • contact other people that you extract from groups, pages, searches, events and more
  • backup a list of your friends for easier recognition
  • bump your group posts
  • comment and like on other pages and groups to get attention
  • change your cover photo automatically
  • unfriend people
  • use spin syntax to make all your posts unique
  • detailed reports of everything Jarvee did for you

and a lot more that are just there and I didn’t even use yet.

All in all, it does pretty much everything you would need such a tool to do. That couple with the fact that it does the same on multiple social networks at the same time is simply amazing. Here are the platforms it supports:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Tumblr

Final words – it saved me so much time daily of keeping my social accounts updated that I can’t even begin to be thankful for. That coupled with the fact that my posting became regular helped me increase the engagement on my accounts as everybody sees me more active and engaged.

I totally recommend it – if you’re looking for a social media scheduling and account growing app, try Jarvee !

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