How to use Mass Planner’s Follow Tool in Instagram

Almost everyone nowadays owns a social media account – Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Google+, name it! And as part of the growing number of individuals using these social media networks, account owners would seek to have followers and the more followers/friends one has has become a trend – may it be being used for business or personal gain.

This in turn would lead us to question: How can an individual let his/her account grow by acquiring more followers and not just merely being the one who is following others? Ask no more because by the end of this article you will learn the quick and easy way on how to get more followers with just a few (tap/clicks of your fingertip/s?) using the Mass Planner.

  • First, you will need to add your Social Profile, ex. Instagram (IG) Profile;

Mass Planner

  •  Once you are done adding your Instagram Profile, make sure that your profile shows that it is in “Valid State.” Once that is validated, go to Tools Tab.

Mass Planner

From the Tools Tab, select your Instagram Profile and click More Tools. – Clicking More Tools will give you another set of tabs, but these tabs will be tackled and discussed in detail in our succeeding articles. For now, we will focus on how we can gain more followers. So, here’s a quick recap from my previous article “How to post in Instagram using Mass Planner”

 Under the Follow Tab, you’ll see Settings, Follow Sources and Results tab.

  •   Settings Tab is where you set the time interval between each posts or between operations and the maximum numbers of users you’ll be following per day, among others.
  •  Follow Sources Tab is where you will place the keyword used to filter the list of people that the Mass Planner will follow on your behalf.

For example; if you want to follow people who are interested in nature, blogs and travel then you will place in the keywords “nature, blogs, travel.”

  • Follow friends of target accounts – this means that you can follow an individual’s set of followers or the people  that particular individual is following.

For example, you want to follow the followers of President Barrack Obama in Instagram and the people Barrack Obama is following. You will just need to follow these formats; followers/username or followings/username. Example: followers/barrackobama or followings/barrackobama.

  • Follow friends of existing friends – means that random account will be chosen to follow their followers.



Results Tab will give you the people that your account successfully followed using the Mass Planner.

Now you’re ready to get some followers. See how easy it is to set the follow tool by simply using Mass Planner? Don’t get stressed out and left behind! Subscribe now to gain more followers and be found online!

PS: Though this is an automated tool and that you can set the timers to whatever you like. Don’t over-do it ! It’s better to take it slow and easy and make sure your account is totally safe and it grows over time . Enjoy and have fun!

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