How to disable Twitter notifications

The web version of Twitter allows you to be notified when you receive a private message (Direct Message). Web notifications appear in the top right corner of the screen. Did you know that you can disable these notifications? Yes, you’ve read it right! You can disable these notifications temporarily/permanently.

Several sites have long used this web notification system. Although the disabling this type of notification is simple, it can be nebulous for some users. But this time, it will not be complicated as what you think.

The only problem is that Web notifications are not managed from the settings on your Twitter profile, but the parameters of the browser you are using.

Here is a quick tutorial that will show you how to allow the notifications of private messages, temporarily suspend these notifications and how to cancel the notifications. Note that this tutorial concerns with two different browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

How to subscribe to notifications of private messages Web:

 On Chrome or Firefox, please visit the web version of Twitter. We’ll perform the first step on your twitter profile.

Press the Messages icon –> in the pop up window of private messages; click the button showing the word Yes. –> This button is in the upper part of the private message window. That is located in the right side of the message “Would you like to receive notifications on your desktop computer to your messages?”.

  • On Chrome, you must confirm your choice by clicking the Allow

  • On Firefox, press the button that says View for this session and instead select Always show notifications.

That is the choice you must select, so your Web browser will notify you when you receive a private message.

How to temporarily suspend Web notifications: It is not possible that you desire not remove Web notifications, but rather suspend them temporarily.

Now on Chrome and Firefox, press the padlock icon that appears on the left of the URL bar à after which, a window will appear.

  • On Chrome, click on the Notifications link and in the list; select Always block this site.
  • On Firefox, select the Allow button and choose Block.

To turn on notifications, press again the padlock icon and select Allow.

How to permanently delete the Web notifications of private messages:


 Go to your Twitter profile and press the padlock icon that appears on the left side of the URL bar.

  • On Chrome, click on the Notifications link and in the list, select Use the global default setting.
  • On Firefox, select the button that says Allow or Block and instead choose Always ask.

In this part, notifications will be disabled permanently. However, the next time you turn on the notifications for your Messages which is in the web version of Twitter, the message prompting you to enable notifications will be present.

Remember that, you can use this technique to all websites that send you notifications via Web browser. Just make sure you know the drill. Now, you already know how to disable your Web notifications (may it be temporary or permanent).

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