How to add Facebook Page Call To Action button

Do you ever wonder how Call to Action button appears on some pages? Wonder how page owners put the Call to Action button in some of the Facebook Pages that you’re following? Here are some simple steps on how to create it. At the end of this article, you’ll have your Call to Action button work.

First, click Create Call to Action button so you will be routed to a pop up page where you can choose a kind of button, input a website and set up a link to an App.

Create Call to Action


Now that you are in a pop up window, choose a Button to be appeared on your page. There are a lot of options there. You can choose different call action button such as; Book now, Contact us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch Video. It depends on what Category of your page. In my page, I chose Contact Us.

Next, enter a link where you want to take the people to be directed whenever they click the Call to Action button.


After which, you have the option to set up a link to an app where you can choose to send the people who clicks the button. For iOS and Android, you have the option to choose either Website or App. Check different settings below.

For iOS; you have to enter the App Link to send people to a specific place inside your app, such as product page. And the Website or App Store link must be filled to send people who don’t have your app will be sent there.



For Android; the App links must be filled just like iOS, so people will be sent to a specific place inside your app, such as product page.

Package Name must be entered too. And also, Website or Play Store Link must be filled too, because people who don’t have your app will be sent there.

for android


After setting everything up, click Create and refresh your Page.  Call to Action button will appear.



You have many options to make after you’ve created the call to Action Button.  You can try the link that has been set up; just click the Go to Link. You can promote the page, View Insights, Edit call to action or even delete it so you can make a new one.

Edit Call to Action


Once everything is all set, this is how your page will look like.

Call to Action done


This is the easiest and simplest way to add a Call to Action button. By this, you can promote your Facebook page, website and especially the products that you have. Let them use your product and provide them the simplest way to have it installed, or played. Not only this is the simplest way to promote, but this at the same time the quickest way to direct your customers who are facebook users and viewers to purchase and keep them the updates of your products since Facebook nowadays is a very effective and convenient way to channel your business to your potential customers. Keep them updated with your product by contacting you using the Call to Action button.

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