Google Photos at its best


Google finally decided to have a standalone photo storage called Google Photos. This gives a certain visibility to the new version of the photo service.

For some free Google Photos

Google Pictures tries to seduce people who love to take pictures wherever they’re at more than professional photographers. Moreover, this service is free for those who wish to upload their pictures (jpeg) of 16 megapixels and 1080p videos or less.


Those who prefer to keep their original photos without compression and will rent for storage beyond 15 gigabytes of free space.

The storage solution photo of Google is available in web, iOs or Android versions. With all these versions, the features are similar. Google+ Photos can any time be deleted and will return to the original photo.

Synchronization is fast and efficient

It allows you to sync your photos automatically on the web or wherever it is installed. You can choose to sync this via WiFi. However, back up using cell data are disabled by default. It works quickly but expect for the first synchronization will take long.

Share photos on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and a link URL

In addition to sharing your photos on Google+, you can also post them to Facebook or to get a link that you can pass on Twitter, email or instant messaging.

Just click the Share Icon and share buttons for social media’s will appear.


Since mobile applications, selecting photos you want to share is very fast. Simply select the first photo and then slide your finger to select other photos.


You can also generate a sharing link for all items found on your Google Photos account. For example, you’ll put a link to one or more photos, album, stories and collages you have. When someone clicks on the link that you share with them, it will be redirected to a page that will display the shared photos. From there, it will be possible to download the shared photos.

A search engine bluffing

Looking at your photos on Google Images is such an exciting activity. The Photos tab displays all your shots by chronological order. When you click the magnifying glass it opens the Search window.

Without even having launched a search query, Google Photos presents your photos grouped according to location where you took your photos and according to thematic groupings.

When you chose the display Places lists all your photos in the cities where you created your shots, all the photos you have taken in New York, Paris, Montreal and San Francisco stays in the same place or the same  album, regardless of the creation date of your photos.

If you choose the display of photos by Themes, it’ll bring your photos according to specific themes. For example, Mountain, Food, Car, Flowers, Cats, Boats, Beaches and many other themes found in your photos. You can also start researching topics that do not appear in the list that is offered. Run a search with keywords such as yellow, red, girl or selfie.

The combination of photos by Themes is not perfect. You will surely find some mistakes categories. However, it’s still great to see Google automatically organizes all your photos that way without you having to do anything.

The image editing tools

The photo editing tools offered by Google Photos are much fewer than the previous version (Google+ Photos). By cons, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this service is primarily for mainstream users. You won’t need any camera applications to edit your photos. You already have it in Google photos via Web or Mobile.


The mobile and web application offers the same tools. Guests have access to an automatic improvement tool, light control, color, level of detail vignetting and of course you will find some filters. In short, it’s a great photo hosting service

I think this is one of the best hosting services photo. Yes, this service synchronizes all your photos; you can improve them and create your albums. But what really makes the strength of Google Photos? It’s special because of search engine. I highly suggest this new service from Google.


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