Apple Watch: Tips for new users

Are you a new user of Apple Watch? Here are some tips that will help you start with your new watch. Contrary to what you may think, there are many hidden features that are very useful. But, DO NOT install any applications!

First tip, when you connect Apple Watch for the first time, a window will prompt and will ask you to install all compatible applications on your iPhone on your watch.

If you answer yes, you will quickly be overwhelmed. For now, most applications iOS compatible with Apple Watch are useless. Opt for the method of adding applications manually. This will ensure that applications that you add to your watch are actually useful.

Customize the default answers from the Messages application

Messages is certainly one of the most interesting applications of Apple Watch. Of course, you can use Siri to dictate your message. However, you can also use canned responses that are called here “The default answers.” These responses are useful when you want to quickly send a message like “I’m coming,” “I’m busy”, “Very well, thank you.” There are several answers already prepared, but you can also customize these messages.

(c) macworld

(c) macworld

Just go to the Apple watch app on the linked iPhone and select “Messages”. Here, you will find the link that is called “Default Answers/Replies.” This is where you can write your personalized answers.

(c) macworld

(c) macworld

Send your location to your friend’s messages from Apple Watch

Did you know that it’s also possible for Apple Watch to send your locations to your friends? Well, now you know! Here are some steps to get started;

You will get the menu that lets you share your location using the Force Touch functionality. Just press and hold the message of your friend/family you’re exchanging message with for seconds and select “Send my location.” From there, you location will be automatically sent. But just know that, your location won’t be updated if you move to another location. If you want to let them know where you are, you’ll have to resend your location.


Delete all of your notifications Watch quickly

Though you can’t delete all the notifications in your iPhone. But, Surprise!!! You can now clear all your notifications in your Apple watch.

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First, to remove a notification, simply slide your finger from right to left. On the screen, select “Delete”.

And to clear all notifications simultaneously, you must use Force Touch. Press one or two seconds on the screen. You will see “All Clear” in the screen. Click X to clear all.

Use your watch to take a picture with your iPhone

Your watch is capable of being used as a remote to your iPhone’s camera. This application also allows you to choose the area of focus and use the timer.

(c) iMore

(c) iMore

This feature is useful when your iPhone is mounted on a tripod and you want to take a picture that you want to be present. When using the remote camera, select the Camera application on your Watch. Instantly, your watch will turn into a viewfinder for the camera.

To select the focus area, press on the display of your watch. To take a picture, press the button that appears at the center, at the bottom of the screen. You can also press the side button or use the Watch timer.

With those tips, you can now enjoy your Apple Watch without installing some features or app. Such a quick and easy way in using Apple Watch, right?

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