Pinterest in Mass Planner

Good thing Pinterest is in Mass Planner. This will help a lot of Business in Pinterest grow especially gaining more followers and can advertise their business through Mass Planner. Here’s a guide on how to set up and grow your network in Pinterest .

Click Add Profile and choose Pinterest


Enter your desired Account Name;Choose the kind of tag to be sorted à Enter the username and password for your account.; Wait till the status shows VALID. You also have the option to log in manually, depending on your preference.

NOTE: You have the option to show and set your proxy settings (if available).

valid state


If your account is already valid, you can now use your tool. This is the tab where you can get more followers, set it to follow people so you get a follow back, you can also set the follow back if you want to follow those users who follows you, and use Unfollow tool if you feel that your followings is bigger than your followers, use comment and like as if it’s you that’s using the account and Re-pin like as if you’re not scheduling it. Click More Tools so we can set things up.


Follow tool Settings This is where you set;

– The time interval between each new operation

– set the numbers of people/boards to follow per operation

– set the maximum numbers to follow per day. You can leave it “0” if you don’t want to have limits

– Set it to scroll the search page for how many seconds (depends on what you want)

– set it to follow between certain time and days. Just change the time or click the days you don’t want the tool to run.

NOTE: days will be grayed out once you click the day that you don’t want the tool to work.

follow tool


Follow Sources sub-tab; this tab will help you choose who to follow or which board you want the tool to follow.

Follow people by keyword search – by this, you can enter specific keywords to follow users.

Follow Boards by keyword search– this means you can enter a board name

Follow friends of target accounts– This means you can follow the followers of                                                            a specific  Account.

Follow friends of target Boards – You can follow people who’s following a                                                                    certain Board

Sub-tab Results: You’ll see here the results of the people who you followed.

follow results


Follow Back tab; you can use this one if you want to follow back those who followed you.

follow back

Unfollow tab; this is basically the same as the follow tool settings. But there are two things that has been added, you have the option to leave the upper box unchecked you only want to unfollow those who did not follow back.

The lower box can let you skip to unfollow specific users.



Like Tab; Set your account to like post/ photos/ boards.



Comment tab; allows you to comment with keywords. Enter the keywords you want Mass Planner to comment. Input a comment you want to appear in the post (this allows multi-level spin syntax). You can also click Check Spin Syntax if you want to check the comment text.

Results Tab; basically, all the results or all the successful comments will appear in the results tab.



Re-Pin tab – You can choose the boards you want to have the Re-Pin activated. Just click on Details to set things up.


Sub-tab Re-Pin settings:  In this tab, you can set how many times and what time you want it to Re-Pin in your boards. You also have many options that you might want to apply.

repins 1


Sources tab-

  • Re-Pin by keyword – You can use words separated by commas for this one.
  • Re-Pin from Boards – You can add Board URL’s here to Re-Pin their posts.
  • Re-Pin from a provided list of Pins – You can use and add here the Pinterest pin URL’s
  • Re-Pin from Categories – You can use different some Categories for your Re-Pins.

repins 2

In Creating a Destination List; click Destination Tab; Click Add Destination à Choose the destination for your campaign; Click the blue Selected word under Pages/Board column then select the boards/pages where you want to appear your posts.

Overview Tab – This is where you enter the campaign name, tags and some of the settings needed (if applicable)



Overview Tab – This is where you enter the campaign name, tags and some of the settings needed (if applicable)



What to Publish Tab;

  • Add Posts– You can upload photos straight from your PC one by one or by bulk. When you upload one photo just click the camera icon or the word Photos and enter text in the big box. If you want to upload by bulk just click Add Multiple Image Posts and enter just enter the text in the box that will pop-up when you’re done uploading photos.
  • Note that if you want to copy the text to every image, just click Copy text to others or Copy source URL to others if you want the URL to appear in all of the photos.


what to publish add post


  • Add Posts from Flickr/Pinterest– You can now extract photos from Flickr and Pinterest and have it posted in your own Pinterest account.

NOTE: You need to set the API key in the settings first because this feature needs API key.

from flickr or pinterest


  • Clickable Image Post– If you want people to be directed to your site when they click the picture that you posted, then this one suits for you. This will take a little set up, but we’ll discuss it later in our next tutorial.

clickable image

Where To Publish tab – This is where you select the destination of your campaigns.

where tab


When to Publish tab- this tab allows you to set the days, time and number of post to be publish per day.



Drafts tab – You can store here the post that is not yet done so you can still edit it.


Posts List tab- This is where you see the posts that is on queue.

post lists

History Tab- lets you see the post that has been successfully posted. You also have the option to delete posts that are old (you can set the days old).


Quite long, but it’s not that complicated. Schedule your post now, gain more followers and grow your business in less than a month. And trust me; you’ll love Mass Planner as much as I love it!

Mass Planner: Contact Members Module

Before Facebook, people used friendster to communicate with their loved ones or to communicate with their business partners. Everyone experienced adding users to their friend lists manually. But as years pass, technology rapidly developed. From friendster to Facebook. From messaging to instant chat.  Notice how social networking sites develop? Every month or every quarter they are releasing updates – updates that means they are always progressing. It helps a lot of people or businesses grow.

One of the secret in growing businesses is through Social Media. This is a means to keep you up to date with less hassle. Word of mouth is good in business but admit it, Social Media helps you a lot. You add/invite friends to like your business. Just some clicks then you already got some people who can see your products. But aren’t you tired adding or inviting friends in your page or profile manually? Well, I’m going tell you something.

Mass Planner can be a great help. It allows you to add and invite people in a group. At the end of this article, you’ll love how Mass Planner works. Let me share how this works for you.

In Contact Module tab, you’ll see there the four sub-tabs; Extract Members, Use Members, Friend Requests and Send Messages. We’ll discuss everything as we go along.

Extract Members – this tab allows you to extract all the members you are in a group. Just enter the Facebook Group URL in the box and click Extract Members. You can also set the setting as to when you want the page to scroll –

In the lower part, you’ll see there the results of the members that have been extracted. The Date, Link, Status and the number of members that has been extracted by the tool.

Note: extracted members will be sent to your Use Members tab.


Use Members – In this tab you’ll see the followings;


Send Messages: Multi-level spin syntax is allowed in the Message Box and just like the others, it has options. Whether you want the selected members to be removed from the list after clicking SEND or ignore members who is already your friend or ignore members who already received a message from you.


Note: The text can contain the following tokens: [FULLNAME][FIRSTNAME][LASTNAME][GROUPNAME]. They are replaced with member’s information. Sending Friend Requests and Sending Messages options are sent in their respective tabs.

PS:  Module is a one-time payment and it will be in your account as long as you are subscribed with Mass Planner.

And that’s how Contact Module works. Got any questions? Leave a comment. Want to get updated? Subscribe now! J

Google Photos at its best


Google finally decided to have a standalone photo storage called Google Photos. This gives a certain visibility to the new version of the photo service.

For some free Google Photos

Google Pictures tries to seduce people who love to take pictures wherever they’re at more than professional photographers. Moreover, this service is free for those who wish to upload their pictures (jpeg) of 16 megapixels and 1080p videos or less.


Those who prefer to keep their original photos without compression and will rent for storage beyond 15 gigabytes of free space.

The storage solution photo of Google is available in web, iOs or Android versions. With all these versions, the features are similar. Google+ Photos can any time be deleted and will return to the original photo.

Synchronization is fast and efficient

It allows you to sync your photos automatically on the web or wherever it is installed. You can choose to sync this via WiFi. However, back up using cell data are disabled by default. It works quickly but expect for the first synchronization will take long.

Share photos on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and a link URL

In addition to sharing your photos on Google+, you can also post them to Facebook or to get a link that you can pass on Twitter, email or instant messaging.

Just click the Share Icon and share buttons for social media’s will appear.


Since mobile applications, selecting photos you want to share is very fast. Simply select the first photo and then slide your finger to select other photos.


You can also generate a sharing link for all items found on your Google Photos account. For example, you’ll put a link to one or more photos, album, stories and collages you have. When someone clicks on the link that you share with them, it will be redirected to a page that will display the shared photos. From there, it will be possible to download the shared photos.

A search engine bluffing

Looking at your photos on Google Images is such an exciting activity. The Photos tab displays all your shots by chronological order. When you click the magnifying glass it opens the Search window.

Without even having launched a search query, Google Photos presents your photos grouped according to location where you took your photos and according to thematic groupings.

When you chose the display Places lists all your photos in the cities where you created your shots, all the photos you have taken in New York, Paris, Montreal and San Francisco stays in the same place or the same  album, regardless of the creation date of your photos.

If you choose the display of photos by Themes, it’ll bring your photos according to specific themes. For example, Mountain, Food, Car, Flowers, Cats, Boats, Beaches and many other themes found in your photos. You can also start researching topics that do not appear in the list that is offered. Run a search with keywords such as yellow, red, girl or selfie.

The combination of photos by Themes is not perfect. You will surely find some mistakes categories. However, it’s still great to see Google automatically organizes all your photos that way without you having to do anything.

The image editing tools

The photo editing tools offered by Google Photos are much fewer than the previous version (Google+ Photos). By cons, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this service is primarily for mainstream users. You won’t need any camera applications to edit your photos. You already have it in Google photos via Web or Mobile.


The mobile and web application offers the same tools. Guests have access to an automatic improvement tool, light control, color, level of detail vignetting and of course you will find some filters. In short, it’s a great photo hosting service

I think this is one of the best hosting services photo. Yes, this service synchronizes all your photos; you can improve them and create your albums. But what really makes the strength of Google Photos? It’s special because of search engine. I highly suggest this new service from Google.


Apple Watch: Tips for new users

Are you a new user of Apple Watch? Here are some tips that will help you start with your new watch. Contrary to what you may think, there are many hidden features that are very useful. But, DO NOT install any applications!

First tip, when you connect Apple Watch for the first time, a window will prompt and will ask you to install all compatible applications on your iPhone on your watch.

If you answer yes, you will quickly be overwhelmed. For now, most applications iOS compatible with Apple Watch are useless. Opt for the method of adding applications manually. This will ensure that applications that you add to your watch are actually useful.

Customize the default answers from the Messages application

Messages is certainly one of the most interesting applications of Apple Watch. Of course, you can use Siri to dictate your message. However, you can also use canned responses that are called here “The default answers.” These responses are useful when you want to quickly send a message like “I’m coming,” “I’m busy”, “Very well, thank you.” There are several answers already prepared, but you can also customize these messages.

(c) macworld

(c) macworld

Just go to the Apple watch app on the linked iPhone and select “Messages”. Here, you will find the link that is called “Default Answers/Replies.” This is where you can write your personalized answers.

(c) macworld

(c) macworld

Send your location to your friend’s messages from Apple Watch

Did you know that it’s also possible for Apple Watch to send your locations to your friends? Well, now you know! Here are some steps to get started;

You will get the menu that lets you share your location using the Force Touch functionality. Just press and hold the message of your friend/family you’re exchanging message with for seconds and select “Send my location.” From there, you location will be automatically sent. But just know that, your location won’t be updated if you move to another location. If you want to let them know where you are, you’ll have to resend your location.


Delete all of your notifications Watch quickly

Though you can’t delete all the notifications in your iPhone. But, Surprise!!! You can now clear all your notifications in your Apple watch.

(c) iMore

First, to remove a notification, simply slide your finger from right to left. On the screen, select “Delete”.

And to clear all notifications simultaneously, you must use Force Touch. Press one or two seconds on the screen. You will see “All Clear” in the screen. Click X to clear all.

Use your watch to take a picture with your iPhone

Your watch is capable of being used as a remote to your iPhone’s camera. This application also allows you to choose the area of focus and use the timer.

(c) iMore

(c) iMore

This feature is useful when your iPhone is mounted on a tripod and you want to take a picture that you want to be present. When using the remote camera, select the Camera application on your Watch. Instantly, your watch will turn into a viewfinder for the camera.

To select the focus area, press on the display of your watch. To take a picture, press the button that appears at the center, at the bottom of the screen. You can also press the side button or use the Watch timer.

With those tips, you can now enjoy your Apple Watch without installing some features or app. Such a quick and easy way in using Apple Watch, right?

Any suggestions? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Or you can subscribe for more updates 🙂

Social Media: Opening Doors to the World

Communication is described as the imparting or exchanging of information and news or means of connection between people or places, in particular. Social Media enables users or people to share content or participate in social networking which can be considered as part of communications.

Communication is one of the most effective ways to relate with everything that is happening around us.  The means of getting in touch with other people are becoming handy and easy. Smart phones are becoming the most treasured device that everyone is relying on.  Just a tap on your mobile phone and you’ll be connected in the social media world like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more. Because of the new innovations, sending letters through snail mail is so primitive. Being connected with others is as easy as one, two, three. Social Media has helped a lot of individuals getting in touch with their loved ones. There is no need to wait for centuries to be able to relay a message to others and another century to send a response. Social Media has shortened the wait time or even made it real time for others to be connected.

There are also a lot of things that we can do using the social media. First, social media can be used so to be connected with families and friends around the world which is stipulated on the above paragraph. It makes the world even smaller with every tap of the phone screen. Second, this can be a way of being involved socially and be relevant with the current events. Being a netizen, one must be responsible enough on what to post. Social Media makes it possible for everyone to become aware of what’s going on around the globe and gives chance for others to participate in any current events.

Third, this could be a way to advertise a business. Showcasing products has been made easy through Social Media. This has become a very powerful and most affordable tool for entrepreneurs. There’s no need for traditional ways when introducing products is just a click away. One has to go door to door and spend longer time under the sun just to tell people how good their products are and how it will benefit them. Because of Social Media, one can bypass all that hard work. They can just add short or vivid description of the product they are selling and just hit post for others to view. They can do other things while waiting for the viewers to take a peak of the product and just hit like or share it to others. There is no need to rely on word of mouth when we can readily utilize the share button. Social Media has paved ways for new entrepreneurs to become more successful in whatever line of business they choose to be in.

Such a simple word yet so many advantages. This is the reason why Social Media is getting bigger and bigger each day. It is expected that many will continue to patronize Social networks because of the benefit it brings.

Twitter: Private Messaging Update

Not everyone uses twitter. But if they do or you’re one of the user then you must not miss their updates. Because surely, twitter updates can excite you.This article will let you know some of the specific updates for twitter.

Twitter released new updates this year and one, was the removing of the 140- character limit in the Private message. You can now send private messages publicly without character limit. May it be about news, sports, social media, marketing and etc. Every tweets can be open for a new conversation. A great topic perhaps with your friends or colleagues.

Speak your mind. All of it. Send everybody a message without worrying you reach the character limit. Though tweets  will still remain in 140 character limit. If you want to include photo in your message, just click Add Photo. It can only be viewed by the the recipients.Not bad at all, right?


Second, update also includes the settings where you can choose to allow anyone send/receive and reply with the messages even if they don’t follow you or vice versa. It also applies in your mobile app. This is way too easy than before. Check the following steps below;

Receive Direct Messages with anyone via Web: Go to Settings –> Security & Privacy under privacy –> check Receive Direct Messages from anyone then click Save.

Receive Direct Messages with anyone via iOS;

Receive Direct Messages with anyone via Android;

Third; Message your Group

With the latest update, you can now send group message  and give your friends  an update of what you are into on the day. Good thing is; you can send group message up to 50 users even if you’re not following each other. Just know that if you block one user, you cannot be in one conversation.  But members can add new users in a conversation without them reading back all the conversation.


Fourth; Share tweets via Direct Message

Did you know that tweets can be open as a conversation? It’s usually use as  a great topic with your friends. Don’t just tweet it because, you can now share it via Direct Message.

Share it via Web:

-Click ••• within the tweet –> A menu will pop up –> Select Share via Direct Message –> Enter a name and a comment then hit Send!

Share it via iOS or Android Mobile:

-Tap More Icon or Share Icon in your Mobile. –> Select Share via Direct Message –> Enter the name and add a comment then hit Send!

Share it via Email:

-Click More Icon –> A menu will appear –> Select copy link to tweet — > Copy URL then paste it the email that you compose.

See what the updates are? Isn’t it amazing? Well, I know it is. It was updated in a way that it’s much easier and more user friendly for the people who are much too avid in using Twitter. Change your settings now and enjoy sending messages with no limits.Share the latest update of twitter to inform others. Got any suggestions? Leave a comment. Wanna get the latest update for Mass Planner and Social Media? Subscribe now!



How to use Mass Planner’s Follow Tool in Instagram

Almost everyone nowadays owns a social media account – Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Google+, name it! And as part of the growing number of individuals using these social media networks, account owners would seek to have followers and the more followers/friends one has has become a trend – may it be being used for business or personal gain.

This in turn would lead us to question: How can an individual let his/her account grow by acquiring more followers and not just merely being the one who is following others? Ask no more because by the end of this article you will learn the quick and easy way on how to get more followers with just a few (tap/clicks of your fingertip/s?) using the Mass Planner.

  • First, you will need to add your Social Profile, ex. Instagram (IG) Profile;

Mass Planner

  •  Once you are done adding your Instagram Profile, make sure that your profile shows that it is in “Valid State.” Once that is validated, go to Tools Tab.

Mass Planner

From the Tools Tab, select your Instagram Profile and click More Tools. – Clicking More Tools will give you another set of tabs, but these tabs will be tackled and discussed in detail in our succeeding articles. For now, we will focus on how we can gain more followers. So, here’s a quick recap from my previous article “How to post in Instagram using Mass Planner”

 Under the Follow Tab, you’ll see Settings, Follow Sources and Results tab.

  •   Settings Tab is where you set the time interval between each posts or between operations and the maximum numbers of users you’ll be following per day, among others.
  •  Follow Sources Tab is where you will place the keyword used to filter the list of people that the Mass Planner will follow on your behalf.

For example; if you want to follow people who are interested in nature, blogs and travel then you will place in the keywords “nature, blogs, travel.”

  • Follow friends of target accounts – this means that you can follow an individual’s set of followers or the people  that particular individual is following.

For example, you want to follow the followers of President Barrack Obama in Instagram and the people Barrack Obama is following. You will just need to follow these formats; followers/username or followings/username. Example: followers/barrackobama or followings/barrackobama.

  • Follow friends of existing friends – means that random account will be chosen to follow their followers.



Results Tab will give you the people that your account successfully followed using the Mass Planner.

Now you’re ready to get some followers. See how easy it is to set the follow tool by simply using Mass Planner? Don’t get stressed out and left behind! Subscribe now to gain more followers and be found online!

PS: Though this is an automated tool and that you can set the timers to whatever you like. Don’t over-do it ! It’s better to take it slow and easy and make sure your account is totally safe and it grows over time . Enjoy and have fun!